Conversation snippets

Book design and concept, 2021

The student catalogue of Best Dutch Book Design 2020, 'Conversation Snippets', is filled with excerpts of interviews held with 33 book-makers through Zoom calls. The snippets take a peek into the process of making the books of the selection and to find out what it is like to be a bookmaker. A catalogue designed by and for students, approached as an educational tool rather than a traditional catalogue as a showcase of books.

The merits of a book cannot be captured in a two-dimensional representation, as this omits crucial elements of texture, ink, translucency, printing, folding and binding. On top of that, the catalogue designer has to represent the selected books fairly to equal extents, while at the same time releasing their personal and unique concept so that the catalogue is more than a soulless scrapbook. Therefore, the decision was made to trade book snippets with conversation snippets.